De Valuing $$$$

De Valuing $$$$

Since our $ is steadfastly de valuing by the government, do you ever think about buying gold?


That's probably why you see commercials offering money for your old gold jewelry.

Haha, our CDN dollar is getting higher eh! :p
Because the US$ is going down, the Aussie$ is going up...We are almost the same as you guys now :smiley100:


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Stocks, bonds, bank deposits are all ways of putting money to work. The investments provide capital for businesses to use to grow.

Buying Gold is like burying your talents. It does no one any good. It just sits. In the parable of the talents the master cursed the servant who buried his money and did nothing useful with it. His master said at least he could have invested it in a bank and created a return.

Pastor Gary

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While there are several stop-gap actions that can be taken to protect cash value, we are forgetting the major cause of the devaluation in the first place - at least in the USA.

When Government programs are adopted by a 'socialist' government and 'entitlements' are increased at an alarming level because of government spending, the world banking system is stressed to the limits due to the borrowing of funds. In the United States, the borrowing and deficit spending is refered to as the National Debt. As government bail outs, buy outs, socialist agendas and the resulting extreme debt continues to climb, the only way that the government can PAY for these liberal programs is to have the Federal Reserve print more money. Without a Gold Standard to back up that printing, the value of the US currency goes DOWN accordingly... and inflation is the result.

There IS a way to counter this inflation and government spending...

The lever in the Voting Booth that is next to fiscally conservative candidates is YOUR weapon in the fight against big, socialist, liberal government. Excercise your rights and vote for sound monitary programs and fair taxation.

The people of Virginia and New Jersey sent a resounding message to the current administration by pulling those voting levers you were speaking of Pastor Gary

Virginia voted in a Republican Governor, which isn't a huge surprise, but sent the message nonetheless.

Now New Jersey is a different story. New Jersey has always been a deep rooted liberal state. Our current President went to campaign for the incumbent Democrat Governor three times. Well yesterday, the deep rooted democrats of New Jersey sent a loud message to the current administration by voting in the Republican candidate.

This is encouraging to me because I think it sends a message to the Dems that are on the fence about Government run healthcare and this huge deficit that we've occurred and will continue to occur if the liberals have their way. The message from the voters is: if you continue to go with the flow despite what the American people have to say about it, you may be the next to be booted out of office. I think it gives them real food for thought.
I see the NJ & VA votes as a beginning of a new political and fiscal awakening. It's only one small step but this could be the litmus test of a return to sensibility. The 2010 vote will put it to the full test. One thing I know for certain in the political realm is the power of the people is in the pull of the lever (figuratively speaking of course since few actually pull a lever anymore).
Amen Pastor Gary and I Love USA...

I prayed and prayed for this election...

I was very disappointed to see the Conservative in NY didn't make it,but he came close....

The Republicans shouldn't have endured their picked because she was sooo liberal! She turned around to endorse the Democrat which really knock out the Conservative...

We have to keep contacting our representatives,sharing with other, attending tea parties, town hall meetings,and praying...
One in Christ

Whilst I have no problem with a business and finance section on a Christian forum, I do have a problem with it being possibly turned into a party political broadcast on behalf of any one political party.

Please remember that many other Christians do not share the same point of view, and will in fact find it offensive.

I have seen this subject cause division and strife between christians many times.

We are all one in Christ,and I think we should strive to make that a reality.

God Bless:)
Blessings ta you too... and yer concern is noted, but this here thread involves United States currency and the reasons that it is bein' inflated and devalued and why that is a financial concern for United States citizens. The folks takin' part in this here discussion are all remainin' civil with the posts and frankly, that's refreshing ta see. I may just be a redneck hillbilly from back in the woods of northwestern Kentucky, but I know what's takin' place in MY country and who is responsible. I agree with the folks in this discussion and they've got my supprort fer bein' honest and up front.

The regulations here at the forum was changed a couple weeks ago ta allow things like this ta be talked about as long as it remains civil and is backed up with facts... and from what I seen so far, that's what's happenin' here. Thank y'all. :)
De Valuing $$$$

Since our $ is steadfastly de valuing by the government, do you ever think about buying gold?

Put my IRA in gold years ago - in the Perth mint in Australia. It has increased 75% in around three years. I did this because in the last depression the Government outlawed the ownership of gold. I don't know if this will happen again; and I still don't know if it can be avoided either. Also have a non IRA account with them. A third account in Brazilian Reals which has also done well. Stay away from the dollar as the reckless and incompetant administration thinks our inflation rate is too low. Actually it is about 8.5% not 1.2% like they falsely report.