Dead man walking

Dead man walking

I'm a dead man walking,
a dead man talking,
born again,
freed from sin,
don't know why satan bothers stalking.

My victory's in He,
that laid His life down for me.
In my death I gained life,
I now have the right
to walk in the light.

Dead in this flesh,
alive in His sight.
Crucified with Christ,
I live a life sacrificed.

Everything I do,
is to glorify you.
My Lord, My King,
The Lamb that made me brand new.

Old things passed away,
how could I ever repay.
your life for mine
I gave you my filth,
you give me your nature divine.

Now it is your image I bear,
its your image I share.

Some can't believe it,
others stand by gawking,
as they watch this dead man walking,
and hear this dead man talking.
Thank you for sharing this. But for the miracle of Salvation we are all dead men walking. I enjoyed reading your words. God Bless