Dealing With Stress

Hey guys!

So yeah, I'm new here. I was brought here by Mr. John Ryan who is honestly one of the reasons I'm Christian today.

Anyway, I'm in a school that is a different denomination that me. I'm Assembly of God -Pentecostal and they are Traditional Roman Catholic. On top of that, I'm coming from a regular public school to a College Prep Catholic school. Imagine the learning jump. Everything is moving way to fast for me to keep up and I'm at ends on what to do. My teachers can only help me so much before they have to move on to the next lesson and I'm still left hanging. I admit to pushing myself way to hard all the time, but I wanna do good in school so I have to push myself beyond my limit.

So what do you guys do for stress in school?


Come to places like this and blow off steam. ;)

Seriously though, for me it's athletics. Playing sports and getting some really good exercise does wonders for my state of mind.