Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ :)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ :)

BROTHERS and SISTERS in CHRIST: download the New Testament onto your MP3 player, and in two days while you work, you can listen to it! How much of our ear to we give to entertaining music? Let the Word of God be downloaded onto your MP3 player, and let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly, receive the Word implanted which is able to save your souls, faith comes by hearing, and Hearing by The Word of God.

God is Good, infinitely Holy, and yet He stooped down to us, sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, God in the Flesh, and showed us what God was like, and what True Humanity was like, and He Has made Him known...thank You Lord Jesus.

Last night my wife let me try out her MP3 player, so i could put the New Testament on it. I have a MP3 audio CD of the KJV we got from the dollar store, it is 17 hours long. Today while i worked i was able to listen to 10 hours, most of the New Testament. :) Thank You Jesus. Spurgeon and others used to have people come in a read the Bible to them once a week, while they would just sit and meditate upon it. This is so great, now i can daily listen to whole books of the Bible in one ear while i do my work :) That's the entire new Testament every 2 days! When i have solitary days on the job, (most of the time). I want to download the Old Testament too. This is great. I can only imagine what brothers and sisters of time and technology past would have given for the ability and privelege to acess God's Word like we can today. I feel the urge to encourage everyone to do this, i think more people would if they realized that on the walk, run, lunch break, and even while painting, drywalling, trimming or roughing-in electrical, they can meditate on God's Word, literally walking through whole books of the Bible, while the Word of God works in you, and you set your mind on heavenly things. God is so Good! May God bless you richly, in Jesus' Name. Jesus of Nazereth is God, the Christ of God :)

Free Bible Mp3 Downloads: prob. many other sites and translations available online for free. Thank You Jesus!

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