debate in uk over stem cells etc.

debate in uk over stem cells etc.

the catholic church is aggainst this research,i,m glad we have a reconised body to repell this human temptation,we are on a humanity temptation road,dangle a carrot etc.down the line will be human clones for war so real humans won,t get might call catholics but at least they have a voice.
Yes, the Catholic Church does indeed teach against stem cell research, but only that research that would damage or destroy human life (embryonic stem cell research). It does advocate adult stem cell research--adult stem cells can be harvested without destroying the human body (they could use fat cells even), and adult stem cells I believe have produced 9 cures.
Embryonic stem cell research, the research that destroys human life, has produced absolutely 0 cures and also has tended to cause problems instead of fix them. Even if they caused cures, it would be no excuse to destroy human life, because human life is sacred. :)
The whole issue is very concerning, there are so many things to consider in this whole debate.

Take for example, the charities involved that support this research. It is not possible for me, in all good conscience, to support a charity that is not pro life. Even top charities like Marie Curie and the British heart foundation support this abominable research. The list of acceptable charities is dwindling, fast.

This isn't the main focus of the discussion, but just illustrates in how many ways it can have an effect.


My feelings exactly. Stem cells from the placenta after the birth ok- taking your own stem cells ok- stem cells from aborted babies- NO WAY. The slaughter of these innocents is already an abomination and if this was controlled we would soon find ourselves living in a Frankenstien nation.
I know. As a Christian, you would LIKE to help with charities, but they all have some sort of agenda! It's hard to know where your money is actually GOING, to the people you're trying to help or in someone else's pocket. :confused: Sneaking in the "pro-choice" agenda makes it hard to want to donate to charity.
But it sort of ties into this--these are the same people who don't mind researching embryonic stem cell research, even though it yields negative results and destroys human life. :(