Depression and Christians

By Faith

I have to disagree with you. I do not think job was happy the entire time. He seemed to have an extremely morbid attitude. Sure he was patient, but after losing your kids, getting divorced, and being berated by his friends. During all that I would say he was depressed. Mainly I view his patience as remaining faithful towards god.

Sorry Brian, I never mentioned that Job was not extremely depressed. I just said that scriptures say that Job was patience.

Satans whole theme for Job to swollow was "Curse God, then you die buddy."

Job stated to believe those lies Satan had been feeding him, and got himself in fear that He went to all the trouble to drag some poor animal out of the barn and sacrifice it every time His kids threw a party.

I can imagine thinking that your doing a good job as a parent sacrificing out of fear of the loss of your kids based on lies from the enemy to only find out that on the day they came together again, they all die. That would have to be real depressing thinking God failed in some way.

Depression comes when someone does not see there can be any hope. I am sure Job felt that way for a bit, but Job knew a lot also, and His hope that the Lord would answer at some point.

From what I read "Scholars" say is that Job's ordeal lasted about 9 months of visits with his 3 wrong friends. Elihu was the only one that spoke on God's behalf.

So I agree with you. I believe Job was really depressed. I just quoted part of james above. Sorry for the confusion.