Desmond Tutu In Favour Of Assisted Dying: 'i Revere The Sanctity Of Life – But Not At Any Cost'

Do you agree with physician assisted suicide when there is no cure/hope?

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Published 14 July 2014 | Carey Lodge


Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he now supports assisted dying, admitting "I don't want people to do their damnedest to keep me alive".
Last week former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey came out in favour of assisted dying; this weekend, he was joined by another Anglican leader - Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (Full Christian Today Article)
How far is this from the Lords Command to raise the dead? These people have NO faith or knowledge of God.
I assumed he held this position. Desmond Tutu has a record of supporting the wrong things. He's pro-abortion and has openly supported Marxism in theory and practice.
God isn't Christian.
I fully support assisted dying for those who have no hope of recovery, and only face excruciating pain and loss of dignity till their body gives out and dies from the disease that is ravaging it.

I was a volunteer in Hospice and watched the slow agonizing departure people suffered. They were born into this world and swaddled in a diaper, and suffering terminal non-Hodgkins Lymphoma departed this world after living for weeks knocked unconscious by liquid morphine because their pain was too much to bear.

If they don't want to suffer that, I support their right to free themselves.