This is a piece I wrote about my best friend... Well, I suppose it's not about her, so much as for her. I hope the message is clear...

You stand in my shadow even before you see me
A tower
Powerful in the distance, resistance is futile.
Stay a while
Bend to my will, my plans for destruction. My instruction is as follows

Leave what you love
Give what you want to
Grieve for the sun
And remember what you thought you had
Accept who you are
Hate what I'm not
Cover your heart
And release what you fought to have

And to hold
Broken hands in the sky to blot out the image of me
You deny
My inevitability, my comfort and my embrace
My sinister validity
Sister of intimacy
Blisters from whispering
My name on your lips
While you sleep and slip
Into dreams that bring you screams and
Back to me attacking you


I awake.
I stand alone in this desert
With the sun in constant sunset,
Spreading your darkness over me
One more step.
And then another.

I am walking and you cannot turn me away
Not today nor tomorrow, borrow another's heart
You shall not have mine
I design to destroy you, I abhor you
My feet may bleed but I shall not ignore you
I will see her freed from you
And your shadow only gives me a marker
The darker it grows the closer you come
The harder the road the sweeter the prize
And there is no sweeter prize than freedom
In her eyes.

So stand in the distance and cast your shadow
Blot the sun now and await my arrival
For tomorrow
The clouds in the sky shall be from your funeral pyre