Dilema trying to start family

Jul 26, 2008
Dilema trying to start family

Greetings all.
I hope someone can offer some support on this matter.
I am a western male living in Asia,where christianity,moslem,budhist religions are all widely practised.
My wife & i have been married for 2 1/2 years now & have been trying unsucessfully to fall pregnant.Both my wife & i have been brought up in christian families & try our best each day to follow those teachings,praying for the gift of a child.
Several times my wife has asked that we try alternative methods such as visiting a moslem healer who has had many success stories of infertile couples becoming pregnant by touching....which i have not refused...but not accepted enthusiastically.
Recently a friend of my wife became pregnant by visiting a hindu mid wife & after taking some "vitamins"became pregnant.
My problem is that when we do get this blessing, i want to KNOW that it is from the god that i love & worship.
Am i being stubborn in denying us the chance of a child. Its also dificult for me..living in another country with the support of my family so far away.
I am trying to make the time to speak with our priest as well.


Hi Cookie and welcome! I noticed your profile says you are in Sydney perhaps a medical exam is in order to make sure everything is okay. Do not be afraid to visit a physician and rest assured you are doing the right thing staying away from those other religions. The Lord God is the One true God and He odes not wish His people to be involved with those pretenders.