Discipline, Judgment, Torment, Wrath

May 14, 2013
Can somebody explain the differences between discipline, judgment, and wrath of God? And where torment can come into place as a believer?

I know Christians are all disciplined. Some Christians are judged (unworthy partakers of Communion) but their salvation is still secure (God creates weakness, illness, and finally takes them home in sleep if they continue to partake unworthily), and unrepentant sinners will face the wrath of God. I know that the nation of Israel was judged but also promised to be restored by the Messiah Jesus.

I have had my share of torment. I don't know where exactly it comes from. I've forgiven everyone who has wronged me, so that shouldn't be it. I do have a mood and thought disorder (mental illness). The torment gets to feeling like wrath, and my faith is all but extinguished. But usually sooner or later I come out of it with faith remaining and God hasn't struck me down dead.

So if anyone can instruct me about their experiences with these things, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Why would God want to strike you down? Do you have sin in your life God is dealing with you on and you are ignoring Him? If so he will chastise you. God chastens those He loves. The bible says this. If this is the case dont take it lightly. I want you to know that the bible says God desires that not one should perish, this means you. The bible says He has every single tear you ever cried in a bottle. The bible says every hair on your head is numbered... not that God knows how many hairs you have, but that every one has a number. Each hair is important enough to have a number to God. God loves you so much. He causes the sun to rise on His own people as well as the wicked. I believe He dont destroy the wicked immediatly because He wants to give them a chance to come to repentace also.
I do not think Judgment is coming to you for your sin or as you said your mood and thought disorder. Why do I claim this? Because in the end of it you say you regain your faith. Judgment comes to those who reject God and wont have anything to do with Him. Do you see the difference in the attitude of the heart here?
Furthermore God knows we will sin. The bible says where sin abounds grace does much more abound. And for the record I am not saying you are sinning, I am just trying to get you to see a different perspective.
your post reminded me of an old poem I would like to share with you. I think you are going to like it...

Feeling, faith and fact.
three men are walking on a wall, feeling, faith and fact.
feeling took and awful fall, and faith was taken back, but fact remain strong and true, and brought back faith and feeling too.
May 10, 2014
Apple Valley Calif.
Having lived with someone who was "bipolar" I know what you mean and what you are going through. The good part is that it is not in our physical mind we understand or know God. It is with the mind of Christ that we have fellowship with God that does not dwell in our head but heart. Overcoming your illness is the same way as anyone would do whose physical body is not functioning the way the Lord created to operate. Partaking of the Lords table in communion is for that purpose. If we are not understanding what we are doing, that is partaking in a unworthily way we will not benefit from it. This is why it says "this is why some have died, and are sick because they have not discerned the Lords body" Not discerning means not knowing Jesus bore our sickness's and, carried our disease on his cross. We thank him for that every time we partake of his table. This is a very powerful thing to understand.
Having a physical disorder because of a chemical imbalance, God understands all your pain in you not wanting them anymore, yet even in all that he still strengthens your heart to stay believing. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.