Do College age Christians wear purtity rings?

Do College age Christians wear purtity rings?

A friend who I just helped develop a website for selling christian jewelry asked me the other day if any college age youth wear purity rings or charms.

I did not know the answer as the youth group I work with are not old enough for college yet.
I would say it doesnt matter so much that age but rather the heart...I wear a ring that says..the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

A purity ring says...I am NOT available for any sexual relations. It means i want to remain pure before my Lord and man becaus this is God desire of means I am saving myself for that special peron that God gives to be my husband/wife..the one that will get all of me not just whats left after broken relationships.

Age is not so much the question as heart motive.....anyone can wear a ring, but only one seeking to be right in the eyes of the Lord will truely set the example of what the ring means.

But, to your question sure many college age kids wear do some high school kids. And some older adults:)

I disagree with the whole purity ring thing. Gods word should a big enough reminder in my opinion. You should not need a ring to help you remember not to sin.
Well in my humaness I do need reminders of things that may be difficult for me because I admit that I dont have it all under control and even though I read Gods Word and I love the Lord I still struggle with a flesh that likes sin.

So I think that if some one wants to were a purity ring to help them remember that they are a child of the King and that they have a heart to remain pure..then go for it! it just shows that the person has the desire to obey God and war against the flesh in whatever ways they need to in order to keep were they need to be.

Myself..I have not arrived yet..I sin daily no matter how mch I read the Word of God, and I am so thankful for His forgivness and grace. Thank you Jesus!

One more thing about the purity rings..its not only a reminder to the person who wears is an outword expression to anyone who might have other ideas tells others were that person stands in this area.
^ I agree with the above post. In my opinion, just don't go around bragging about this purity ring. It needs to be for your own personal value. I wear a cross on my necklace for me, and me only. I like to see that cross in the mirror or being able to glance down at it from time to time. I love seeing it because it reminds me of my loving Father. Yeah it's nice that others will see it, but it's for my personal value.