Do We Know God?

Feb 17, 2008
Salvation is to know God (John 17:3). Most people know something about God. However, since God is infinite, it is probably difficult for finite beings like us to fully understand who God is. Yet, because God became one of us in the person of Jesus we can know Him fairly well. To know God, is not to know about him (because even the devil knows about him), but to have an intimate friendship with him (John 15:15). This means that our spirit is in unison with His spirit; His feelings are our feelings, his compassion is our compassion, his humility is our humility and his sacrifice is our sacrifice. In other words we must live his life (1 John2:6). We will then offer the other cheek if slapped one; if someone take away our coat, we will give our shirt as well (Matthew 5:38-42); heal those who betray and hurt us by sacrificing our own life (Isaiah 53: 5 &7); be faithful to our marriage vows even when there is betrayal, hurt and infidelity (Hosea 3:1); forgive unconditionally (Matthew 18:22); and help others, without any string attached.
Jan 19, 2013
I find if I can get my "self" out of the way-I can see Him......

Problem is I have a big fat carnal self, it can be hard to see around myself; or see my "self" as God sees me. It's ugly....