Do You Enjoy Intelligent Theological Dialogue?

Do you? If so then I'am a friend to be made! Hello to all here on CFS my name is Mike Flanaganmenstein. I'm a standard Evangelical Christian and I have recently joined this site so that I can have meaningful conversations with my fellow Christian family members. The Lord God has undeniably brought this site to my attention and I praise and worship him for that (along with many other things). I currently reside in the state of New Jersey which isn't a Christian friendly state. For those of you who also live here you will know what I'am referring to. On this site I know I'am safe to express my views and beliefs and I pray that I will be able to engage in a lot of intelligent conversations with many different folks on this site! As Matthew 7:7 states "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". Well I ask that this site will bring purpose and meaning into my life! May the Lord Jesus, the Lord God, and the Holy Ghost bless all of you. -Mike
There are some pretty bright lights here, Mike, and some really shine. I hope to see you putting your opinions throughout the forum with courage and the sort of Christian courtesy God smiles upon.