Do You Have A Cool Local Ministry?

I don't hear enough of this in my life and interactions with other Christians in the 'real' so let me start something online. :D

Do you have a cool local ministry that you either give your $$ or time to or are thinking about doing that?

A cool local ministry in my area is Sheperds of Love. They assist those who have worked and either due to health reasons, severe circumstances or are raising grand-children on their Social Security check and have a period where it's difficult to pay utilities and buy groceries. People that fall through the goverment cracks and often don't receive help. People in need call them & SOL determine the need (not reliance on charity) and donors to SOL give to SOL. SOL pay the utilities directly. The older folks (my mom thinks elderly is an ugly word) can often times get a gift card to the nearest super grocery store for food.

Let's hear about where He is working! So, what's a cool local ministry in your area!