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Hello, all.

I was inspired by hearing a pastor speak not too long back, and I wanted to share his message with you.

He was preaching on the topic of integrity. Integrity, much like the mathematical term "integer" means in essence, ONE-ness.

A friend of mine who coaches and mentors business people describes integrity as being able to walk freely from one room to the next at a party while being the same person.

And God asks over and over again for you to be that integral person - ONE-ness. Being whole. To be His servant.

And as with all things, Jesus is our perfect example. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost - perfect integral harmony between three entities of the same Holy being. God is the Alpha, the Omega - the perfect Trinity.

Do you witness to your friends? Do you tell them about your Lord & Savior? I certainly hope so. We find it so easy as Christians to worship and praise God out loud and acknowledge His grace at a Sunday church service... but do we find it just as easy riding the bus with strangers?

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