Do you know???

Hey friends,

Do you know that Jesus Christ will come back again on the earth to destroy the enemies of God and establish peace among men? Jesus Christ is the messiah, son of God and son of man. If you believe in him, you will be blessed.
Marcy, may I say that you sound like someone repeating things that you do not understand? If it is your intention to move people from this site to the GOODNEWS site, I think that is against site rules, not to mention being dishonest.
How is YOUR relationship to God? Has your life been changed by the Indwelling Christ? Do YOU have victory over sin in your life? Do YOU long to please the Son of God in all things?
These are examples of "conversion behavior" i.e. things you can expect to see in the life of a truly converted person. How about it?

Julian of York
"Follow peace with all men; and holiness,without which NO MAN shall see the Lord." Hebrews 12:14
i am an honest with my God. I have done many sins in my life, but i'm sure about one thing that my Jesus Christ will forgive me. He will help me to come out from all my sins. I believe in him. Do you?????