Do you use original languages in bible study and teaching?

Why would they need to be in their 20s?

They can do a Children's bible and start with that, and then when their vocab is a bit more advanced, go on to the full Bible.

I was in my 30s when I read the full Bible for myself in English. I think people can handle the New Testament a bit easier than the Old Testament since it's much shorter. But they won't get the full picture if they only stick with the New Testament. The New Testament is totally dependent and referencing what was in the Old.

it is suggested for the most clarity to the next generation.
it is suggested for the most clarity to the next generation.
Maybe its a technological shift too but there is a reason why most published authors are over 30 who write for children. In your twenties you may not be able to adapt to writing to the younger generation, you might relate to them but often people in their 20s want to leave childhood behind.

Those in their 20s are most concerned with each other and their peers, often not having families till their 30s so no need to talk in baby talk with their offspring. That is when most slang develops and the 'oldies' have no idea what they are talking about. Facebook and Instagram and other social media was at first only open to graduates - they didn't want oldies crashing in on their fun (or playing Candy Crush or Farmville). but now its open to everyone, FB has really gone downhill and become a commercialised moneymaking enterprise...instead of the fun 'what's up' vibe it used to have.