doctrine of balaam

Your sin did it SC- My sin did it- Christ went to that cross on purpose- if they didn't use nails His love would have held Him there- the physical nailing would not have happened if Jesus wasn't paying for our (yours and mine) sins!
jesus wanted to do it to save us ,we did not make him.jesus did it because he is the good sheppard.he did it because he wanted to,total respect from me.:jesus-sign:
All Guilty

Amen PreciousMessage- The truth is I put Him on that cross (as did we all)!

Hi, consider the following written by a Christian author over a century ago:

“The world was stirred by the enmity of Satan, and when asked to choose between the Son of God and the criminal Barabbas, they chose a robber rather than Jesus. The ignorant multitudes were led, by the deceptive reasonings of those in high position, to reject the Son of God, and choose a robber and murderer in His stead. Let us all remember that we are still in a world where Jesus, the Son of God, was rejected and crucified, where the guilt of despising Christ and preferring a robber rather than the spotless Lamb of God still rests. Unless we individually repent toward God because of transgression of His law, and exercise faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, whom the world has rejected, we shall lie under the full condemnation that the action of choosing Barabbas instead of Christ merited. The whole world stands charged today with the deliberate rejection and murder of the Son of God. The word bears record that Jews and Gentiles, kings, governors, ministers, priests, and people--all classes and sects who reveal the same spirit of envy, hatred, prejudice, and unbelief manifested by those who put to death the Son of God--would act the same part, were the opportunity granted, as did the Jews and people of the time of Christ. They would be partakers of the same spirit that demanded the death of the Son of God.†………..End Quote

Blessings in Christ,
But how do you think this doctrine of Balaam applies to us today?
I would say that universalism which is a philosophy growing rapidly today,via political correctness, and the effort to replace actual fact with subjective truth and morality. The world is adopting these ideas and Christians are being influenced by them.Just look at the statistics for divorce among professed Christians and secular marraiges. The Church is beginngin to become part of the universal, tolerant society that the secular world wants so badly to embrace. Another example would be the ordination of practicing homosexuals into the ministry. The Docterine of Balaam is alive and well, and thriving. The awesome reality is nothing happening today is news to God, nor should it be news to Christians, because we were warned to look for it can find 2 sentances that sum up all we see around these days in 2 Timothy 4:3 -4" 3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables"
I have realized, that being a Christian in a fallen world, is like playing in a football game against a team that has already been disqualified. We're just running plays against each other until the final whistle blows. Our gameplan is to make sure that none of our teammates get injured and put out, and to win as many players from the other team as we can. But the score has already been posted, and the W is on our side, the visiting side! Rah! Rah! Sis Boom GOD!(Okay,that was cheesy:rolleyes:)