Does Any one Know ??????

Does Any one Know ??????

Reading in 1 Kings 11: 41 .... It says The rest of what Solomon did is written in the book ; " The Acts of Solomon " .... Can this book be found today ?
"The annals of the kings of Judah."
"The annals of Solomom."
"The book of the annals of the kings of Israel."
were all used as reference books by the author of 1st and 2nd Kings, in addition obviously to Deuteronomy.

They were official court annals from the royal archives in Jerusalem and Samaria. 1st and 2nd Chronicles also make referances to these and other such writings.
Some were the; "Events of Uzziah's reign." as recorded by Isaiah, the son of Amoz and; " The annals of Jehu son of Hanani."

Can this book be found today ?
I am not sure how much of these writings and manuscripts still exist and what form of completeness they would still be in.
These are some very old manuscripts, they were preexillic, so you would have some difficulty finding even a translated version in english.

I can do a little research and post what I find in here though, just don't get your hopes up too high on this one. :)
Well, that didn't take long.

I am sorry to tell you that from what I have in my library, these books are lost to history, with the exceptions of the titles.

They are referenced in a number of places throughout history, so there is very little doubt as to their existence, however no copies have been found.

They are known as the "Lost books of the Old Testament." :(
Well thanks for your quick answer . I suppose in one sense . Do we really need to know all that Solomon did .? I guess it was just the curious side of me .;) After all God granted him wisdom and his wisdom led to riches as he was the richest man at that time but because of his pride and disobedience that led to him marrying from other nations and these women were idol worshippers who influenced Solomon.

The Lord had instructed Solomon not to marry into these nations . And sure enough these women turned Solomon's heart away from God .

Instead of trusting in God as his father David had done, he worshipped all these other idols and false gods. How sad . But what a lesson for us .

Even though all around us is sin and worldliness , riches and the" I am worth it sydrome " , we too can get sucked in to this mindset if we take our eyes of of the Lord . That is why it is so important for us as Christians to be mindful every moment of the day about our salvation and asking " What would you have me do for You today Lord ? '"
Hey Dusty. I was in a bookstore yesterday and did find a book called "The Forgotten books of the Bible". I looked in the table of contents and it listed "the Odes of Soloman" and the Psalms of Soloman"
Here's the link to a similar publication(It may the same one-I didn't note the author, and the cover was different, but the table of contests looks very similar to the one I saw)
The Forgotten Books Of Eden: The Apocryphia, Forbidden And Lost Books Of The Bible


If God wanted in there there they would be. They have no place in scripture but can be interesting to read as long as that is kept in mind.:)