Does anyone have any ideas?!

Does anyone have any ideas?!

So the Youth leaders where I live are going to be starting up a a youth program at the college this up and coming semester. They're trying to come up with ideas for a coming out party during the first week of school. Does anyone have any creative ideas instead of maybe a bbq on the campus??? Or something fun that we could do to catch peoples' attention?

Thanks a lot!


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hire a giant bouncy castle ,and water slide.with hot and spicy food.and have throwing up buckets at the ready lol.:)
Having a live band would be an amazing idea but if you dont have a band yet you would try a basketball tournament. We have been flirting with the idea of having a big basketball tournament at our church, it would be a good way of getting others (whom normally wouldnt come to church) to come. But I dont know whom you are trying to appeal to? Any sport would be cool really.

Just an idea
If you're looking for new people to come join you...

Have beauty pagent style introductions...

MC: Mr. John Smith majored in economics, he likes to ride his bike on the beach with his dog Reggie. Seeking gainful employment as a housekeeper.

Mr Smith: turns, nods waves and smiles...then looks confused at the "housekeeper" remark exits stage left.


I prizes. This always got me hook line & stinker...oops! sinker.:p


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