Does Anyone Know Of A Home Made Bed Bug Repellent?

As a Pest Mgmt. Professional, I have dealt with bed bugs many times. The product I use most is Bedlam Plus which comes in an aerosol can. It helps to vacuum everything in site at the start, then place the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, tie it, and dispose of it outside. Lots of websites can help you through the procedure; but, when the house gets greatly infested, it's best to call in a professional with a heat system. Tent fumigation is also widely used to kill bed bugs.
You might try diatomaceous earth. You can get it cheapest at farm supply stores, but Lowes also has it. We use it for all kinds of pest control as well as worming.
Rubbing alcohol......

Heat blankets, pillows & sheets to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Wrap un-washables in plastic for 3 days. (mattress)

Use 90% alcohol in a pump sprayer-do your whole house: WARNING: Remove all pets & children from house & wear a respirator & goggles. Leave the house after spraying. Let sit till dry -air out the house for at least 20 minutes before occupying.

They will hang out in dust and burrow in fabrics....

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(Oh I think they have a 3 week gestation cycle, so you may have to repeat once or twice to finish killing any missed eggs every 3 weeks.)