Does God love us?

Many people have doubts about God’s love when they see pain and suffering in the world. However pain and suffering, including those from so-called natural disasters occur because of sin in the world. God, however, does not give up on us. He brings peace and joy to all who accept his help (Psalm 23, Is 57:18-21; Ps 94:19). He comforts us by being one with us in our pain and suffering. He did this by becoming one of us and freely accepting the worst form of suffering and death. He gives us hope by overcoming suffering and death through his resurrection. Furthermore, He gave suffering redemptive value by responding to pain and suffering with love and forgiveness. This enables us to overcome sin and find peace and joy in the midst of pain and suffering (Peter 2:24, 25). Furthermore, because Jesus made suffering redemptive, when we see a suffering person it stirs up the spirit of love within us.
If you doubt Gods love for you. He had a son He called Him Jesus, He sent him to a cross to take the blame for you and me and to restore His Kingdom again here on earth.