Don Francisco

Don Francisco

I have always loved his music. Very powerful. Anyone else a fan?

Here are some links. You can listen to him on Rhapsody: Free Don Francisco Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos and Lyrics - Rhapsody Online

Here is a website with mp3's you can purchase, and other things about him:

Don Francisco Home Page

Here are some videos I found of his: (Watch these, if you haven't heard him before.)

Don Francisco - He's Alive (The Live Concert) | Free YouTube Video Codes

Don Francisco on YouTube Live to Worship

YouTube - Gotta Tell Somebody

YouTube - Beautiful To Me

YouTube - eaglegrace's Channel
I think I have heard him before, but I never saw him. Thank you so much for sharing. Watching him as he he sings is very interesting because it's like he is telling the story of what he is singing. Excellent!