don,t let satan get behind you.

May 5, 2007
don,t let satan get behind you.

use Jesus as your ground to fight evil.also pass things you don,t know to Jesus.
Amen Michael,

Once while walking alone in the desert a couple of mean looking dogs came running towards me barely touching the ground as they were growling and showing their teeth... I was alone in the middle of no-where...

I knew I could not out run them, when I heard a voice say turn around and face them, and with authority speak in the name of Jesus...

I did and they stopped in their tracks... When I would turn my back on them they'd start running toward me again, and again I had to face them until I walked backwards far enough to get a good distance between us when I heard,

"this is the way you face demons, never turn your back to them and speak with authority in your Saviors Name, Jesus... Or they will continue to hunt you down...