Doomsday cult leader predicts nuclear war by Thursday, June 12, 2008

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How about looking towards the Bible, and God. Instead of looking at the stars, and stuff.

The Day of Judgement will not be made known to man, for there is only One who knows, and that is the Father.
The sun is shining right now.
I think I’ll call in sick and go for one last ride.

You think I can outrun the blast with a 750? :D
They said we are getting our sanitary sewer lines repaired today.
I think the city government is using it as a front so they can go into the sewers to hide. :eek:

That’s it… I’m going underground.
See ya later. :D


Yawn! All this impending doom is making me sleepy.:p
Still nothing, and by 12:00 A.M. it'll be June 13th, 2008.


And no mushroom clouds yet, lol
Roughly 2:04 here. No nuclear war (far as I know)
Though the sun WAS blood blood red as it set... though that may have been form the fires north of us. maaaaybe. >.>

I just hope and pray that this event helps those in that "religion" see the truth and get out of there. :pray: