Dream of a Family, long but please help, I am struggling...

Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
This post may be old but I want to add I have a friend that did seek God after she had her first born, also a son, and He did answer, so if you need help He is always there to show you what being a parent is all about, and how to love.

She thought she knew everything about children because she was a trained teacher but when she had her child ahe realised she didnt know what to do with her own! See God had a son called Jesus and he is not only a Father to him but also, we who believe are adopted into His family even though we ourseleves are not perfect and of the same lineage Jesus was. And He loves us as much as his only begotten son. But the amazing thing was He gave his son for everyone, it was a huge sacrifice, so that he could adopt others into His family. I am one of his adoptees!

If you dont yet know God start reading the gospels especially Luke which talks about the birth of Jesus. You know Mary had a son, and elizabeth had a son as well, and they may have wanted daughters but God chose to bless them with sons. Think of the blessing a first born son is to the family, he grows up with the responisbility on his shoulders rather than the daughters I know because my mum was the eldest of eight. Had four sisters before her three brothers came along. What a huge burden to look after that many in her family.
Aug 20, 2013
When we as women have an "ideal family" or picture of an "ideal lifestyle" and EVERYTHING goes against it because we picked with our hearts and not our heads.

It can be pretty devastating so I get you. However, God is great through it all and sometimes you just have to get back to that drawing board, regroup and refocus.

The question is, is your glass half full?