I am so happy you are here with us and HE is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother, isn't he?
Thankx for the welcome. It is going to take me some time to navigate around here and learn how to post but is so nice to be posting on an all Christian forum.:) Blessings.
As you can see , I am from Toronto, Canada. I am a retired nurse who is divorced and living alone with my two cats. I have one son and he is living in Nova Scotia.

I love to socialize with Christian friends and do some volunteer work for church and the community.

People always say " what do you do with all your time now that you are retired?" It seems I am more busy now than I was when I was working and before I know it is the end of the week. Retirement is great and I have more time for reading and doing the things I want to do.

I belong to two cell groups and the one is majority Chinese and such loving accepting people. The leader is a professor in the Christian College. The other group is predominately Philipino and a few others who are from the Carribean. We have bonded together and the Lord is doing great things in our groups.

I love my church as we are an assembly of people from 45 different nations all worshipping in one accord. I think I am in the minority as being one of the few born in Canada. But that is what Toronto is the melting pot of the world and we boast of the most diverse , ethnic city in the world. My church is under the Penticostal Asemblies of Canada.

You said to say a little about myself and I think I have exceeded that so will save the rest for another time.Once again, I am happy to be here and still have to find my way around. I am also not so good on all the computer lingo and am still learning.so be patient with me. God bless you all.

Glad you are here! I look forward to getting to know you!
Thankyou all for your wishes. I trust I will be a blessing here .

Tonight our church has rented a boat and we are going to cruise around Toronto harbour , singing and praising the Lord and of course having a nice dinner. It is so nice to fellowship with Christians.

God bless and have a wonderful Lord's Day.
Hi Dusty!:) Well, I'm still here in Tulsa, but wanted to drop in to say hello and how much I'm enjoying the forum. It's my first day of posting and like Dusty, I'm learning my way around. Just want to say hello to everyone. Will return soon. Have a blessed day.

Hi Sheba,

Welcome as I am a newcomer as well and finding my way around and am loving it. Thanks to all the loving family of God that I see here.

Violet..... You are a real blessings and thankyou for all your kind words.

Violet...... I am sure that you want to hear a report about last night. Well, our boat cruise around the TO. harbour was amazing and I am sorry I did not bring my camera to send you all a picture of the skyline. The CN tower has a new face and lights. As well we listened to Christian music, played games of course had a wonderful meal and had a great time of praise and worship. I am sure all of Toronto could hear us singing His praises.
Then are we neared the port, we prayed for our city. So it was a wonderful evening. Praise God .:cross::cross:
Dusty, I can imagine it in my mind!
I bet the entire scene and atmosphere was beautiful.
I really would have loved to have been there!
I am so happy you had such a blessed time!
Hi Sky,

Thanks for your warm welcome and one welcome deserves another so here's to you also as see that you are are new too. I really like it here. Blessings,:heart::welcome: