Thanks for asking. Weather wise it couldn't have been better as we hit record temp. It was like summer instead of fall.

I made myself a little turkey breast with all the fixings and some pumpkin pie. It was good. My son was too busy he said so Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to invite someone and I asked my neibour. I was so happy that I cheered her up as I did not know that her son and her had a big arguement and he moved out one day when she was at work and she has not heard from him since.

So all things work together for good . God Bless.

MMM ....pumpkin butter sounds good.
Thanks Violet ,and you do too as I know that you are very loving and supportive. The Lord Bless you this day Violet and keep looking to Jesus for your complete healing as He promised to complete the work in you . I love you Violet.