Eager Beaver


Eager Beaver

I ordered and received my garden seeds for next year. Yep I know, a bit of a jump on the season. There were certain ones that I knew if I waited I may not be able to get them as they sell out. Next year I am growing heirloom tomatoes. I don't have a big garden plot but I should be able to get about eight in there, and some viney things growing underneath. One thing I like about the heirloom tomatoes are the names. They capture the imagination SO much more than say, Scarlet Red, or Big Beef.
Check 'em out:

Kellog's Breakfast
Bloody Butcher
Brandywine (even the name says 'yummy')
Box Car Willie

And a watermelon that was thought to be extinct, called "Moon and Stars" because the outer flesh instead of being stripey, is dark green with little yellow spot here and there and bigger yellow ones. So it is like a night sky. As a bonus, the nice lady sent me a freebie, a melon called "Northern Arizona". Supposed to be delicious but too thin skinned and fragile for commercial market which is why it is not a common name. (I had to look it up. Funny, teardrop shaped thing.) I will have to take care to keep the seed pure in next years crop and prevent cross-pollenation somehow.
There are also pumpkin seeds I saved, for sugar pumpkin and mini pumpkin. Those are fun to grow, the mini's.