Easter and Christmas outreach

Hi I had an idea for the churches in my local town to perform a 'flash mob' for Easter Saturday and hand out gospel tracts with the lyrics to Amazing Grace printed and a small gospel message.. just a verse or 2 of evangelical scripture.. I thought we could give out these while the 'mob' were singing and engage with people watching.. those who had no bibles could be given a 'pocket testament' of the gospel of John to take away and read. We could end with a passion play or an open air preach...

the local leaders loved the idea but wanted to change things .. instead of bibles and tracts they wanted to give out easter eggs and balloons with a tag tied to it with John 3:16 printed to it..
I have no idea how we go from engaging with people and handing out scriptual literature to easter eggs and balloons or what they perceive the target market to be but i'm flummoxed.
I decided to print a million pound tract myself with the words to Amazing grace on the reverse with the following message:

'The million dollar question, will you get to heaven?'
The bible teaches us that: ALL have broken Gods law (the 10 commandments) and fall short of his standard, the payment for this is death, eternal seperation from him, but the gift of God is demonstrated in His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord; believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved and have peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

When I mentioned I had created these to hand out as I felt balloons really limited our target market to kids.. after all which grown adult is going to take a balloon with a tag of scripture attached.. and if we aim at kids only .. which is fine... but really if they get saved the parents may not take the children but get the parents the kids will probably go...if you follow my logic there, I was told 'great, well let us have a look and we will run it by the other churches involved to see if they are happy with it'

It isnt like I am putting a church address on these tracts to exclude other churches taking part or favouring my congregation but I feel it is truly important adults get the literature and gospel.. they will pocket it and possibly read it later or throw it in a drawer and discover it months later (or years in some cases) and be moved by it.. balloons and eggs.. I dont get it.. tracts and bibles I understand.. they are Gods word.. they are life...

I am frustrated.. I guess it is the evangalists lot.. like a prophet who has no one listen to him/her...
Hi Csonka~ So sorry for your frustration, your idea is such a good one. Wondering
if you've come to any resolutions as to how (or if) you followed through with it.