Edit PDF

Thank you. I have to post more, but I never have time. :)

I have some older stuff that I am going through and I'll try and get them posted. I am shooting a concert in about 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll have some good stuff from that. :)
I usually use the OCR in Adobe 7 to extract text. Then I can fiddle-faddle with it as much as I want. But whoever made this .pdf document had it encoded as a solid image. Adobe wouldn't even recognize the text (it had gradient fills, picture mosaics, etc).

What I wound up doing was extracting into Word; then saving as an image; then editing the document with Paintshop Pro 9. I reversed the order to save again as .pdf.

Amazing how the Lord always finds a way for us, huh? I had no idea how to do this when I found that OCR wouldn't go through.

All for His glory.;)