ello all tis me on the forums

Well hello my brother from another mother!! I'm glad ya found us. we are pretty hip round here for God. Darn skippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley10:

So you are my little brother from another mother. I want to give you a HOT WELCOME!!

We are all hot for GOD and if ya got any Qs' jump on in buddy:smiley20: I will help ya in any way I can and so will the rest of us:smiley120:

Have a blessed day my friend

Chili out.
Welcome to CFS.

To answer your imaging question, the forum software has built-in anti spam and anti-Christian protection safeguards. As you post more and more and fellowship with our members, more forum features will be opened up to you. Just keep checking your personal control panel periodically for additional things that become available to you as you participate more in forum discussions. Blessings...

Pastor Gary

Moderator and Staff Trainer