Ello Ello

Ello Ello

Ello Ello

just thought i'd stop by and say a quick hello:dance:

Names Rich

I'm one of the multiple Former staff Exiled from what used to be christianforums.com:(

Guess i never thought they'ed make such an effort to hunt down all the defenders of the "old ways".....yet.....they did

I'm non Denominational and i attend a non denominational church in south wales

I enjoy Movies and creating 3d animations

Hope to get to know a few of you


Hi Rich and welcome to the CFS family, it is a pleasure to have you here and I am looking forward to getting to know you - many blessings on your day- your brother Larry


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Rich, welcome to our forums. CFS is comparatively tiny but you are sure to make some good friends here. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. :)
I'd like to hear your experience regarding the deconversion of Christianforums.com. Morbid curiosity perhaps. I have been looking for Christian forums to join, and Chistianforumsite just happened to be the first one I checked out. Liked it, so I joined. Haven't really reasearched any others at this point.

Looking forward to fellowshipping with you and all the other fine forum folks.
Welcome Rich!! Glad I'm not the only newbie around.

Guess we've all come from some other forum or another.
Be blessed and be a blessing.

Sara :dance: