Eminem - Not Afraid

Eminem - Not Afraid

I can only get GOOD feelings about this song, which confused me at first......
So I looked in to it further and Eminem seems to be implying a few times lately that he believes in God and has been praying alot.

Which I now know is why I get GOOD feelings about this song, regardless of the swearing or anything...
He also wears a cross in the video clip, so I found out in the end of the clip when it was up close with him...
Eminem is changing, slowly. :smiley180:
In fact Im gonna be the first to say this...
The way I feel about this song is just weird and I have a strong feeling that Gods gonna use him...
I know it sounds crazy, but Im saying it anyway because thats what I been feeling.

EDIT: I just realized that wearing the cross in the number one hit song not afraid is a great start.
He rapped about his Christianity in 1996 too.
Oh and hes also been clean from drugs for over a year.
Yes, I will just keep going around building him up in a positive light, positive words are powerful.
Faith is also powerful :p, God makes ALL things possible..
I think when you look at Eminem old songs to this new one, you see a massive change in this man...
Seems he is growing up and fast.
having redemptive eyes is all about what God is doing in us . keep opening those eyes of trust . many people who need the benefit of the doubt . also need our prayers . i look back at the type of person i was 10 years ago . . . and i think people must have been praying for me . God was working in me then . and God is still working in me now . and will keep doing that . He really likes to change us .. create us into new persons .. i've learned .
Well I wouldn't be at all surprised if one day he converted entirely to Christian based rap.
It depends I guess..

It would defenitly be a positive step to thousands and thousands of kids, however just wearing the cross and rapping positive is a big help, we have enough negative crap already (Which is putting a cloud of negativity over our youth) I am proud of Eminem for his new more positive styles, praying that he keeps it up in the future
Each person has their field to sow in . the christian music industry is not for every christian artist . Johnny Cash is a great example . the message needs to be as leaven . inside and outside and everywhere .