Encounter - 1 John 2:28-3:10

Preparation for Worship
Grant to me, O Lord, the penitence of the Publican who dared not raise his eyes to heaven, the longing of the Prodigal who wanted to return home and the wisdom of the Merchant who surrendered all to possess the kingdom. Amen. Rabbula of Edessa (d.435)

Loving, living Lord,
in Jesus you come into this world in love,
light shining in our darkness.
So we dare to hope,
for in your love and light, hope, too, is born,
hope which is real,
for this world and all its people, for me.
So help me to live this day in hope,
your gift in Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen. James Booth, Liverpool District Chair

Going Deeper in God’s Worship

1.)What is true about God’s character, promises or work?
2.)What does the Scripture teach you about yourself or others?
3.)Are you encouraged to follow Jesus in His mission? How?
4.)Did the Holy Spirit convict, change, or encourage you in any way you wish to share with the group?
5.)Is Jesus leading you or the group to take a specific risk to minister the Good News to your community? Your neighbors? Your co-workers? Your family and friends?

Going Further in Christ’s Mission

1) Have the Scripture text open in front of you as a guide to your prayers.
Spend time thanking God and giving Him glory.

2)Ask the Lord for vision, strength and faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

Count on the work of the Holy Spirit for change.
Ask for God’s forgiveness and grace to repent of sin and trust Jesus.
Pray for the world, our country, your city, and the Church.
Pray for members of your group, family members, or co-workers, neighbors and friends