Envisioning the Word

Envisioning the Word

This is a tribute to my Sunday School teacher, who now resides in Heaven. :)

I was a Choir boy at 7, (that was 1949).

I loved Sunday School.

I learned a lot about Faith, Love, God and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from my Sunday School teacher.

The one thing that I remember the best was the way that she got me interested in reading and learning about Scripture Verses.

She had a lot of pictures that were drawn by members of the Church.

She used these pictures and meaningful words to represent specific Bible Verses.

In other words, she used Picture ~ Word association to teach us and help us remember some Bible Verses.

More specifically what she did was that, she took a Bible Verse and selected One Significant Word that was within the Bible Verse and named one of the Pictures that Word.

Now, 57 years later I decided to recreate what she had done so that perhaps other folks and children might enjoy these Bible references and benefit from this unique form of Bible Study.

To accomplish this, I created a website.

I then commissioned Spiritual Artists from all over the world to illustrate my visions of a variety of Verses of the Holy Bible.

Then, as my Sunday School teacher did, I captioned these illustrations with a Significant, Single Word that is within the Verse.

To date I have collected 60 illustrations that have been created by 28 Spiritual Artists from 10 different countries.

If anyone is interested, these can be freely viewed at the website that I created for them, which is listed in my profile (once you arrive there, you can simply click on “Contributing Artists†and/or “Bible Studyâ€).

God Bless and keep you and yours,