eternal life

Hey Michael,

The very thing our pastor was speaking about this morning .... Glad you brought it up. We as Christians more than ever in these last days have to LIVE BY THE BOOK.... What book ? The only book.... The Holy Bible .

Read... Luke 4 :1-13.

There we read how Jesus used the Word of God to fight off satan. Jesus help was .... that He was filled with the Holy Spirit and that He was led by the Spirit. To be like Jesus we need to be full and led by the Holy Spirit. We have to daily go in prayer and ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit That way we will be able to overcome temptation .

Vs 13 satan left Jesus until an opportune time. we also will be tempted over and over again. Jesus overcame through the power of God's Word and we must do the same thing by putting God's Word in our heart.

When satan comes to you, you must use the Word Of God. Satan is our greatest enemy. We must be aware that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Satan is always looking for ways to trip us up and to tempt us.Satan knows our weaknesses.

Jesus faced all the temptations of satan as a man. after Jesus fasted fot forty days he was hungrey just as we would be hungrey and have human cravings. Enter satan...... tell this stone to become bread.and Jesus response. IT IS WRITTEN.... man shall not live by bread alone taken from Det. 8:3. Saying that God will take care of me and God has a plan for me and I tust him.

Think about it .... If Jesus had not have done that we would not have any hope today.But Jesus knew the plan that God had for Him to die on the cross and was willing to sacrifice all for our sins.

Satan wants to temp you so you will never make it where God wants you to be.

Man was created in God's image. What good is it for man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul?

Jesus knew what God had planned for Him

Satan will tell you oh ....just do this or have that pleasure ... it won't matter.... it won't hurt. But through Christ we can do all things and through standing on the Word of God we can deny ourselves the cravings of the flesh... take up our cross and follow Jesus.

Luke 4 :5-7... says that Suffering is first and then comes the glory "IT IS WRITTEN".... Deut. 6 :13.

What ever you worship that is what you will serve......pleasure now pay later. There are no moral shortcuts.

Satan's plan...... take the glory first and then you end with suffering but God's plan .......take the suffering first and then you will end with glory.

There is no easy way to be victorious. We as His disciples have to endure pain, suffering, and carrying our cross but the outcome is victory in Jesus.

Satan knows the scripture,under the disguise of religion and that is why we need to know the Word and what it says. satan quoted scripture from Psalm 91 when he told Jesus to jump from the highest point of the temple quoting in verse 11 of Psalms that God's angels would look after Him. but Jesus responded by saying again" IT IS WRITTEN." ' Do not put the Lord your God to the test" Deut. 6 :16

So bottom line .... we have to know the Word because we never know when satan will tempt us but if we have the sword of the Spirit we will be overcomers. Praise His name forevermore.