Ethiopia Muslim Militants Kill Evangelist; More Violence Feared - Worthy News

Ethiopia Muslim Militants Kill Evangelist; More Violence Feared - Worthy News

An Ethiopian evangelist was beaten to death by militant Muslims as he and two young women were evangelizing in the Ethiopian city of of Jimma, and there were fears the incident could spark widespread violence against Christian believers, Christian rights investigators said Thursday, March 29.

it is happening all over the world

Things like this are happening all over the world. Yet it rarely makes the evening news. The goal of these radical Muslums is to dominate the world through force and violence. When you are willing to blow up your children in a car bomb so you can kill others you are telling the world exactly what you are about. The Western world just watches and does nothing. As long as America has a Congress and Media who's only purpose is to make President Bush look bad and fail in his efforts then these insane killers will continue because they know America and the West is weak. They will continue to dominate and chew up parts of the world as they consolidate power and their base. As long as we have leaders who ignore this world threat and pretend it is not happening it will continue.

Even a large percentage of "non" radical Muslums sympathize with the terrorist so the "peace loving" part of this religion will continue to do nothing and stand by and watch 1000's of innocent people being slaughtered. Look at Iraq everyday for evidence of this. I wonder which will come first. The Iraq people will finally say enough is enough and stop harboring and supporting the terrorist or they will run out of people to kill. It seems it might be the later.

Under the Democratic Party and the morons running Europe the terrorist know how weak we are. They know as soon as President Bush is gone and if the Dems get in the White House it is going to be party time for them. We didn't learn in 1993 and we forget the lessons of 2001. We are in the midst of a war for our very survival. To bad only one sides knows it.
That is a scary thing to think about but praise and thank God His will is going to be done and we as christians need not fear-wars, earthquakes , etc- look up your redemption draweht nigh !