Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty

Has anyone seen this movie? It seems like Christians are endorsing it for some reason. It looks like an okay movie but I am always a bit nervous when some director tries to portray God.I think it comes out today, but maybe someone saw a pre-screening of it.
What ?

WHICH Christians are supporting this ????? Certainly none who are, in fact, serious Christians!

If the movie trailers are accurate, then this is just another in a long line of blasphemy from "Hollywood" to ridicule Christianity through sarcasm, inuendo and fabrications. This is what the Godless liberal left does to undermine Christian values and to cast dispersions on Christianity any way that they can.

Unknowing people watch this stuff and think that this is what Christianity is really all about. Hollywood's attempt at brainwashing the masses... again.
All over

I went to an ALIVE concert yesterday (ALIVE is a huge concert with a bunch of Christian bands) and there was a huge Evan Almighty advertisement.

Also on the back of CCM magazine.

I also heard an advertisement on a national Christian Radio Broadcast.

It is all over the place man.
i love when the dude say's "the flood is iminent" then he looks up at the sky all blue and stuff and say's "is it too much to ask for a little percipitation?" lol its the funniest movie of the year, just ignore the fact they are mocking christans