Even the Garden of Eden had a snake

There is nothing more important than to rely on God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
As soon as we shift focus from that, we start playing in the Garden of Eden.

What I mean by the Garden of Eden is that it is not safe as we may think it is, or ought to be.
Even at home, or a Christian forum, or in a church, may seem to be a safe haven . . . until a snake appears.
In all matters, all thoughts, try and rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance through Jesus Christ and God.

Truth is doubtless and loving. If not, you maybe in the Garden of Eden again.

How do you maintain a reliance on the Holy Spirit, God, and Christ?

Peter, greetings:

This is how I maintain my reliance by these points.

1. We must know that Jesus’s spirit or identity, now has the divine power of the spirit of his Father in the heavens. He is partaking or using it to communicate to our inner minds of our hearts. He is communicating to us all the time whether we know it or not.

2. We must walk in the spirit of God as Jesus’ spirit is enjoined to it. Meditate daily on Jesus and his ‘voice’ will move us to do things that are holy and good.

3. After a while and with more experience we will come to understand and recognize that Jesus or his spirit is speaking to us through this spirit/power of God.

We discern the spirits as Jesus’ spirit will guide us to safety if and only if, we do not become impatient and allow our outer human nature or mind to take credit as unspiritual useless works.

This is how I rely on Jesus and God our Father – listening to Jesus’ spirit that rides on or uses our Father’s spirit from the heavens to reach us and teach us our path and his will.

Note, it is much harder to discern the spirits on a chat forum.

Bless you

In response to OP I would say prayer.
If we start out days with prayer and meditating on Gods word then you start the day right.
You need to make some time for this and if it means getting up early at the crack of dawn and reading the Bible before you go off to work then yes! At work you may not have the same one on one time with God as you have tasks to do and other people around but even when you doing that God is there watching over you.

God does communicate with is all the time even when our bodies are sleeping or at rest. This is why sometimes He gives us dreams. In this forum, even at church God sees everything. Nothing is hid from Him. Fig leaves as in the garden of eden arent going to cut it because God knows even if we try to hide from Him. I mean obviously as He is God why would He not know. And He warns us in His word not to go to places that are forbidden. It is up to us to listen, trust Him and obey.

If we dont understand something in His word, all we need to do is ask Him for wisdom. See Eve could have gone to God and asked Him to confirm his Word if she was not sure but she let the serpent cast doubt in her mind.
The serpent in effect said to eve well you heard wrong or as some people may say the Bible is a mistranslation. What a liar. If you know Him and what is written in his Word and that scripture cannot be broken, then whatever the serpent tries to say just dismiss. And he cant shake you or make you doubt. Why because Jesus always tells the truth. And God cannot lie.