Everyone Please Watch!

I worry about my fellow brothers in Christ. I beg of all of you to watch these videos and really do some soul searching on if you are truly saved and if you're digesting the true Gospel.
I don't know these guys, but I can sense that there is no anointing on thier message that they are giving, which leads me to believe as these men are trying to warn about being "deceived" while they them self's are deceiving many. The Word of God has no power unless it is spoken through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Why is faith always criticized? Because without faith we can not please God. What ever you do without faith is sin. No wonder the devil tries so hard to condemn those who walk by faith. If I knew anyone who goes to any of these men Church, I would tell them to leave as fast as you can, and find a Church who believes in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, where God's power is displayed everyday. The Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. (1 Cor 4:20)
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