Everyone welcome our newest 'helper' "Preciouspuppy"

Everyone welcome our newest 'helper' "Preciouspuppy"

Welcome to the staff sister!!!

We are very happy that you decided to join this awesome and very helpful staff.

In case no one told you yet,
We are the best Christian Site on the Net!!!

By the way, all of our 'helpers' looks good in GREEN


God bless,

Right on Pupster!!:smiley10::smiley20: i agree with GB4ME you look good in green/ You also look good eatin green!:smiley110: like some of these

I simply love green:smiley260: congratulations Carolynn. May God Bless your journey.

Chili out
A simple thank you all from the depths of my heart and that I am looking forward to being a part of the Helpers team. Just a big bunch of sweethearts here. Is that ok to say?? heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.:smiley10::smiley20:

Congratulations and welcome Preciouspuppy! I'm so glad you decided to join the staff and I look forward to working with you, to keep this the best forum on the web!

Blessings, Cheri