Everything Is Terrible!

What did I just watch? When I heard Sarah Mclachlan start singing Angel, I was waiting to see dogs...there were no dogs...
I was a bully when I was younger too, but it was because other people were bullying me so I figured I'd spread the love. No one ever gave me refreshments afterwards though and there was never a song playing in the aftermath of my bullying. Saying I feel cheated is an understatement.
what year is this from? lol and i can't tell if it's a joke or not!
is the lesson that bullying people can kill you?

It's from 2014 according to the site I found it from. The moral of the story is don't have a long annoying laugh, or someone might do some voodoo on you and cause you to get hit by a car going 4 miles mph
What a bunch of dopy looking kids? They deserve to be bullied! ...:sneaky:
I mean that one boy cant even throw the ball... :LOL: