Evidence of dinosaurs at Angkor

Evidence of dinosaurs at Angkor

There are many references in creationist literature to historical evidence of dinosaurs and man living together, such as the petroglyph in Utah, USA, legends of dragons in Europe, and the Chinese dragon motif. But one striking physical and historical evidence in Asia is rarely mentioned ...

Actually, the only thing every ancient culture and religion has in common IS dragons.

Theres no proof that they actually walked around during the time of man. Carbon-dating of fossils has yet to find one dinosaur bone that chronographically coorelates with any bones of man. Man and dinosaur have been separated by hundred of thousands of years, if not a million.

Though the paintings left by ancient man don't mean dinosaurs walked with man. It was their artistic expression of what they did not know, or what they were trying to comprehend (for example, a volcanic mountain shaped like a dragon that erupts with smoke could have been seen as a 'living dragon'), or man found certain dinocaur fossil that looked like a dragon, and thats where the stories started.

Yet it is odd, that every culture on every part of the globe has one thing in common, which is their legends of giant reptilian beasts stalking the country-side.

The relief sculptures are not proof that dinosaurs lived in Cambodia some thousand years ago. Also, if Noah was to put two of every dinosaur (AND animal) on the ark, it would have to exceed the dimensions and size the Bible clearly states the Ark was. It'd just be impossible to float around a hundred-thousand different species of dinosaur, not to mention all the other animals too because the weight-limit would exceed what the ark would eve be able to hold.

Paintings of dragons in no way proves dinosaurs walked with man, but rather, proves our ancestors had a definate curiosity of the mysteries regarding dragons. Stegosaur fossils are not found in asia, but only in the western-hemisphere an europe, also. If stegosaurs did walk the earth in 1100 AD, this is news to me, and if it were true, I'm sure there would be plenty of proof to support it, however, a simple relief sculpture only prove they had creative artists.