Evolution Exposed, Chapter 1: What Is Science?

Evolution Exposed, Chapter 1: What Is Science?

Many people do not realize that science was actually developed in Christian Europe by men who assumed that God created an orderly universe.

I recently watched a scientific film for the layman called "further down the rabbit hole." It's purpose was to introduce the idea that harmony can exist between religion and science. The film focuses on recent theories in the field of Quantum Mechanics...it seems that many of the "laws" of the universe break down and behave differently and unpredictably at the sub-atomic level. This is driving scientists mad by tearing apart their world of order based on unbreakable laws.

Personally, I believe that the universe is too magnificent and awe inspiring to believe it's all simply the product of a random hydrogen rush billions of years ago. Even in my shady past I never believed that the universe was truly random. There are quantum physicists who are deeply religious men exploring new theories that are not only bringing us to a closer understanding of our universe, but possibly, a closer understanding of God. I for one don't understand the division between science and spirituality. Why must they be so divided? Is it impossible to consider that they can lead us to the same conclusion?

Just thinking out loud...

It is impossible for a natural man to understand and perceive the things of God which is one reason so many will go to any length in their theories to leave Him out- this will never produce more than 1/2 truths. A Spirit filled man of God who studies science may indeed find a melding of his faith and his studies. What it all boils down to is no scientist can discover anything God has already placed there in the first place. Nuclear energy- look at the stars, the closer we look the smaller the particles we find, the farther we look the bigger our universe is. True science must include the creator and source of all things to really ever come to the truth.