Excerpt from "Would Jesus drive a BMW" Tony Campolo

Very good message Michael . Thanks for sharing . It is so true what he says about the church and why are we unaccepting ? I ask that all the time . Just knowing of a friend who accepted Christ and came from the gay lifesyle , I remember how people in the church once they knew ... would not befriend him and mentor him and that could have set him back into the lifestyle , if it wasn't for a certain pastor who prayed with him and took him under his wing and helped him .

Today this man has been serving on the mission field for 16 years , saving little children from lives of drugs and prostitution . All because of the love of another individual and of course the Love of Jesus Christ.
Perhaps Dusty, it is because the box with the word "sex" on it is so taboo .. that when something outside that box emerges ..

it makes many people uncomfortable to no end . does that sound reasonable?