Exodus 4:22-27

Exodus 4:22-27

I need so much help in that passage !!
Please first read Exodus 4:22-27
then read again verse Exodus 4:24-26
please explain to me what's going onnnnnn :D !! LOL I am so lost! why does God want to kill Moses now ? what did he do LOL. He was talking to him telling him about the firstborn, then He continues that He sought to kill him?????? then somehow talking about cicumsion and skin being dropped near Moses's feet?? ahhhh :eek::eek:
what is going on :p?

God bless :)
Rams, do you have a commentary you can look in? Or look online at one? I don't know how to use them. I have a Vines, but have never figured out how to use it. It is very confusing. I'm sure someone will be able to reply tomorrow with an answer. This will be interesting. Sweets
First, you need to know that Moses fled from Egypt for fear of his life from Pharoah. The reason being that Moses took the life of an Egyptian who was beating on a Hebrew slave. In his rage he smote the Egyptian and thus fled to Midian, where he married Ziporrah a Midianite (pagan), he was unequally yoked. It was during these years that God was preparing Moses to lead the Israeltes out of Egypt and bondage.

During that time he and his wife had 2 sons which were not dedicated to God through the covenant seal of circumcision and God was angry with Moses. God demanded that the firstborn was His and therefore must be circumcised. Ziporrah finally relented and cut the flesh not wanting to lose her son.

God was calling Moses at this point to go back to Egypt to be the spokesman of the Israelites before Pharoah, but before He could do that Moses must be righted with God in obedience and submission.

God would also take the firstborn of every Egyptian household if Pharoah's heart remained hardened towards God and would not let His People go. God did in His final warning.

I hope this helps somewhat!

Peace, J/L

Commentary on Exodus 4:18-23

(Read Exodus 4:18-23)
After God had appeared in the bush, he often spake to Moses. Pharaoh had hardened his own heart against the groans and cries of the oppressed Israelites; and now God, in the way of righteous judgment, hardens his heart against the teaching of the miracles, and the terror of the plagues. But whether Pharaoh will hear, or whether he will forbear, Moses must tell him, Thus saith the Lord. He must demand a discharge for Israel, Let my son go; not only my servant, whom thou hast no right to detain, but my son. It is my son that serves me, and therefore must be spared, must be pleaded for. In case of refusal I will slay thy son, even thy first-born. As men deal with God's people, let them expect so to be dealt with.
Commentary on Exodus 4:24-31

(Read Exodus 4:24-31)
God met Moses in anger. The Lord threatened him with death or sent sickness upon him, as the punishment of his having neglected to circumcise his son. When God discovers to us what is amiss in our lives, we must give all diligence to amend it speedily.
ahhhh thanks :) JL I downloaded Matthew Henry's commentary. I'll be checking it out. it seems very easy to read and great :) compared to Albert Barnes which is hard to read but gives a lot of information.
Now I understand what goes on, but why is it kind of out of knowhere that this happens. God just finishes talking with Moses and everything was good, suddenly He sought to kill him as if their talk had no importance. could there be a loss of text between 23 and 24?
and how do the commentary people know that Moses had a sickness ? why couldn't it have been that he went to only relax at an inn.

thanks everyone :)