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I never saw the animated movie, yet. But I do have a comment. If Oblio had a round head co-existing with bunch of pointy-headed people, would the same be for his dog "Arrow," who may have had a pointed head after his name? L😎L!
Though he had a pointy snout, Arrow, unfortunately for him, was owned by a round-headed kid. Such is life! Lol
My user name and avatar are explained in this manner.

I love my precious Lord,but once I LOST my way, and turned back bc I was angry at God for taking my precious devoted Mother to be with him,she was 56.

My family live SHORT lives here on earth,many have passed not confessing to personally know Christ.

I am devoted bc I have not forgotten the WHY.
He came that I might have life by wiping my slate clean,paying my redemption price and blessing me with his righteousness,that my life may be eternally DEVOTED to him!
There was a game played at a party called apple bobbing where you stick your head in a basin of water filled with apples and try to bite into the apple, taking it out without using your hands.

Well, Bob wanted to play but didn't have confidence that he could win. So his friends said, bob in faith. 😎
The first time I heard about such a game was from a TV series, The Addams Family, episode Halloween. But instead of bobbing for apples they bobbed for a live crab in a bucket of water.

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Via dolarossa

I noticed sisters Cosia and Via dolarossa's avatars are really cool! If you observe, they both have an image of the cross.

What I find boring are those who only have an alphabet character but we won't mention any names. lol! 😎
Okays, you have inspired a creative urge in truth 😊
Hi, my name is Big Moose because that was a nickname for me in high school. When I joined here in 2014, I looked for a picture of a moose online to use as an avatar and found this one which looks like the moose was just baptized. Being baptized was one of the biggest thrills of my life.