exploiting charity.

exploiting charity.

our genererations have taken in Gods word,and made our countries good,politics from the enemy inside our countries has stopped developing nations,so we are throwing money to the enemy.because it is not getting to christians.true we should give to all but they are exploiting good will.our countries are suffering from this mistake please stop throwing money to swine who don,t give any to the poor.motives are more than money,give myself tools i can work.give myself food for free you take my dignity and my respect.but now this world is too corrupted ,there is nothing to do but wait.
Michael..... That is why we must investigate where we are giving. We must be good stewards of the money God gives us. If our church has a missionary emphasis, then I know that my money will get to the right place or I have a miossionary friend and give dirrectly to him.as I have been there and seen how the money is all used for the street children.
it seems to myself it,s all boxed of in africa.as in exploitation.uk children in need iv,r given for a long time,live in poor area of north,not seen a penny go to the children.losing my faith in charity.