Faith Verses Science

Recently I posted the conversation points for one of my current, year long, Sunday School lessons titled Gen1 and was slapped up 'side the head with standard scientific arguments I had used as an Atheist. The member here, doing this, did not mean to slap me with it but, in innocence, he did just that and I, not knowing him, figured there was an agenda, my bad?

Every human being, including myself, has an agenda, whether we know or admit it or not! My Primary Agenda is to sweep everyone possible out f Hell's way and into the Heavenly path. More importantly, we, the Christians, on this forum are viewed and tracked by folks, of all ages, around the world. I know this because I have been guilty of leading people, from 10 to 40, in Africa, Asia and England, to the foot of the Cross of Jesus for redemption.

This being true, and it is, I will not be drawn into the very conversation I used to trap Christ Followers before our LORD spoke to me and converted me. of great concern is the truth that there are Baby Christians and even more importantly, there are seeking children that view this forum to find answers to build their faith on.

So, let's examine Faith for a second or two. The number one fact that led me to the tactic I used to make Christians shut up was that Christians fail to study because they find it laborious. If an Atheist will spend ten minutes a week to read articles from any scientific source, they can confound the average person, naming Christ as their Savior. Why? Because 99% of the folks that go to Church are not members of The Church, instead they are members of a church. There is not an error in the spelling of church in either instance above. The Church is the Bride of Christ and a church is a building where the Church, sometimes, meets.

A Christian lives by faith, not by evidence and faith never needs evidence, that is why it is called faith! The truth of the matter is that when I was an Atheist, and this is true of all of them, I lived by a much greater faith that I do as a Christian. As a Christian, God has spoken to me, in a number of ways, and the scriptures, every time anyone has set out to disprove them, have been proven to be true. On the other hand, every theory that science has presented to counter the scripture's account of Creation, the origin of man, the stars, the planets, has fallen to failure, including the Big Bang and the Evolution Theories that are being taught as fact in our public schools.

Why this rant? Because, as I stated, children, young humans, that are impressionable haunt the internet and they read everything. Remember Matt. 18:6-10, it will serve you well to do so.